The Vice-President of the Curia of Hungary delivered a presentation at the Károly Szladits International Memorial Conference

Slovak Republic
Dunaszerdahely (Dunajská Streda)

In honour of the work of Károly Szladits, a renowned Hungarian legal academic born in Dunaszerdahely (Dunajská Streda) 152 years ago, the Central European Foundation organised an international memorial conference on 22 April 2023 in the hometown of the commemorated university professor who had also been elected a member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

At the symposium entitled “Public and private law in changing times”, acclaimed foreign and Hungarian lecturers commemorated the outstanding legacy of Károly Szladits, whose most significant work was the compilation of “Hungarian private law”, a collection which analysed the country’s pre-World War II civil law.

At the memorial conference, the Hungarian supreme judicial forum was represented by Prof. Dr. András Patyi, Vice-President of the Curia of Hungary, who gave a presentation entitled “Public administration and legal personality in the changing public law”. In his speech, Vice-President Patyi has emphasised that, in the field of public law and in the scope of the operation of public administration, Hungarian positive law designates and creates a number of legal entities, but they are essentially established with relative legal personality and they are linked to the personal scope of the act of law concerned.

Budapest, 25 April 2023

The Communications Department of the Curia of Hungary