Civil law cases

Keyword(s): State aid, compensation for damage suffered as a result of the non-conclusion of grant agreements, refusal to make a reference for a preliminary ruling
Keyword(s): interlocutory injunction, trade mark abuse, trade mark infringement, unfair business practices
Keyword(s): United Nations and European Union trade embargo measures in view of the situation in Libya, bank guarantee and counter bank guarantee contracts, declaratory judgement
Keyword(s): personality right to reputation, unlawful altering of a soccer team's emblem
Keyword(s): unfair consumer contract terms and conditions, Consumer Protection Directive, case-law of the European Court of Justice
Keyword(s): vehicle ownership certificate card, prohibition on sale and charges, purchase option, loan contract, purchase agreement
Keyword(s): action for damages, surgical operation, the healthcare provider's failure to provide appropriate information on an operation's risks and possible complications
Keyword(s): action for damages and for compensation for reliance damages, nullity of contracts, usuriousness, res judicata
Keyword(s): liquidation, liability for creditor claims, business policy with lasting negative effects
Keyword(s): police officers' personality right to their own image, protection of privacy, press freedom, right to information of public interest, constitutional complaint, Constitutional Court