Jurisdiction of the Curia

According to Article 25 of the Fundamental Law the Curia is the highest judicial authority of Hungary. It guarantees the uniform application of law, its decisions on uniform jurisdiction are binding for other courts.

Based on Act CLXI of 2011 on the Organisation and Administration of the Courts the responsibilities of the Curia are the following:

a) it examines appeals submitted against the decisions of the county courts and the regional courts of appeal in cases defined by law,
it reviews final decisions if these are challenged through an extraordinary remedy,
c) it adopts uniformity decisions, which are binding for all other courts,
d) it hears and determines uniformity complaints,
e) it analyses final decisions to examine and explore judicial practice,
f) it passes decisions in cases where local government decrees violate legal rules,
g) it passes decisions in cases where the local government fails to legislate as laid down in the act on local governments,
h) it carries out other duties referred to its authority by law.