The termination of the activity of seconded judges at the Curia

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14 July 2022

In recent years, we have consistently sought to ensure that the adjudication activity of the Curia is carried out exclusively by judges appointed or transferred by open competition. After a long period of time, from 16 July 2022 no seconded judges will adjudicate cases at the Curia, and from that date on the secondment of judges who have been working here until now will cease.

To be part of the outstanding professional work of the Curia is a professional challenge, and to deal with cases of high public interest requires both responsibility and dedication. We are pleased that the seconded judges have carried out their work not only with a view to their individual professional development, but also with a view to an even distribution of the caseload, the functioning of the Curia and the service of society. We are grateful to all the judges seconded to the Curia for their arduous work and dedication, whereby they have contributed to the professionalism and achievements of the supreme judicial forum and thus to its social prestige. We wish them continued good health and professional success in their work.

Budapest, 14 July 2022

Dr. András Zs. Varga
The President of the Curia of Hungary