The official visit of the Curia’s delegation, led by the Hungarian Chief Justice, at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland

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28 October 2021

On the invitation of Dr. hab. Małgorzata Manowska, First President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Poland, Prof. Dr. András Zs. Varga, President of the Curia of Hungary, Prof. Dr. András Patyi, Vice-President of the Curia of Hungary in charge of ensuring uniform jurisprudence and Dr. Lilla Berkes, Director of the Curia’s Judge Royal Werbőczy István Research Institute paid an official visit to Warsaw on 27-29 October 2021 to pursue discussions at the Polish Supreme Court.

During their meeting, the parties informed each other about the changes in their justice system in the past couple of years as well as about the Polish extraordinary appeal and the Hungarian uniformity complaint procedure as their new means of legal remedy.

In addition to the First President of the Polish Supreme Court, the Polish supreme judicial forum was also represented at the meeting by President Dr. hab. Joanna Lemańska, Head of the Extraordinary Review and Public Affairs Chamber, President Prof. Dr. hab. Joanna Misztal-Konecka, Head of the Civil Chamber, President Dr. Michał Laskowski, Head of the Criminal Chamber, President Dr. hab. Piotr Prusinowski, Head of the Labour Law and Social Security Chamber as well as by Dr. hab. Jacek Kosonoga, Director of the Polish Supreme Court’s Research and Analyses Office.

During their stay in Warsaw, the Curia’s delegation members visited the Warsaw Rising Museum.

Budapest, the 29th of October 2021

The Communications Department of the Curia of Hungary