The participation of the President of the Curia of Hungary at the International Criminal Court’s online conference

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24 January 2022

Prof. Dr. András Zs. Varga, President of the Curia of Hungary participated at the Opening of the Judicial Year and the 4th Judicial Seminar of the International Criminal Court. The online event was held on 20 January 2022.

The seminar focused on the disciplinary regime of the members of the judiciary and the disciplinary mechanisms applicable to judges.

The International Criminal Court invited the participants of the seminar to provide information on the national disciplinary systems applied in the States Parties to the Rome Statute, since it seeks to review the disciplinary regime currently in place for the judges of the International Criminal Court.

Based on his national experience and the experience obtained as a member of the Venice Commission, the President of the Curia expressed as his personal opinion that the simplest possible organisation and procedure are probably the most efficient. In general, as far as courts are concerned, a special first instance service court is sufficient, since supreme courts are perfectly suitable for deciding cases at second instance. In the case of supreme and international courts, no special organisation is needed. It is obvious to use the plenary court or – in case of a large court, small judicial panels chosen at random – and to apply ordinary procedural rules, which do not adversely affect independence.

Budapest, 24 January 2022

The Communications Department of the Curia of Hungary