Official visit of the Curia’s delegation to the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia

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23 October 2016

At the invitation of Mr. Branko Masleša, President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia, a Curia delegation led by Dr. Péter Darák, President of the Curia paid a visit to Ljubljana to discuss the details of the co-operation between the two countries’ supreme judicial forums.

At their meeting, the participants discussed not only their ways of judicial co-operation, but the current issues of their supreme courts’ activities related to the unification of the courts’ case-law and the critical observations of the public vis-à-vis the judiciary as well. In addition, the Slovene court system and the plans for its restructuring were also presented to the Hungarian judicial delegation.

During their stay in Ljubljana, the Curia’s delegates were also received by Mr. Goran Klemenčič, Minister of Justice of the Republic of Slovenia.

Budapest, the 4th of November 2016

Press Secretariat of the Curia of Hungary