András Zs. Varga: The Curia must be solid, self-confident and reliable – The President of the Curia presented his plans and decisions at the Curia’s Plenary Session

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11 January 2021

“We have to function as a Curia whose justices, as judges of the superior court of Hungary enjoying great authority, are able to harmonize the detailed dogmatic considerations necessary for the determination of the individual cases with the general requirement of enforcing the Fundamental Law” – emphasised Dr. András Zs. Varga in his speech delivered at the Curia’s online Plenary Session on 11 January 2021. The chief justice of the supreme judicial forum added that “the Curia must be solid, self-confident and reliable”.

Referring to a number of anniversaries in connection with the administration of justice, he recalled that “the Curia is not an abstract institution, not a building or a judicial administrative office. The Curia is us: it is you, my honourable fellow justices and, as one of the justices, it is the President of the Curia”.

Dr. András Zs. Varga has pointed out that he seeks to act with moderation and to keep a balance, in addition, he endeavours to fulfil his duties by having regard to the fact that “the Curia has a President and not the President has a Curia. This is the principle that guides my work, therefore we must continue to maintain the permanent, effective and genuine cooperation, preserving and further developing what the Curia means today”.

As regards his plans, the President of the Curia told that he would present all his proposals for decisions to the Meeting of the Heads of Panels of the Curia if they concern the Curia as a whole and not just a particular field of law. He wishes to strengthen cooperation among the various fields of law, moreover, he is committed to the separation of the tasks related to the President’s administrative duties and the Curia’s external representation, including the separation of the organizational units supporting the various areas.

The President of the Constitutional Court also delivered a lecture at the Plenary Session. Dr. Tamás Sulyok called for the continuation of the courts’ constitutional dialogue and stressed that “I will help and fully support the work of President András Zs. Varga, both at the domestic and international levels”. He underlined that “the constitutional dialogue between the Constitutional Court and the Curia through the adjudication of individual cases plays a key role in ensuring the effective implementation of the fundamental rights protection mechanism, encompassing the entire judicial system”.

The judiciary complies and will continue to comply with the requirements of judicial power – told Dr. Pál Solt in his welcome address. The former President of the Supreme Court also emphasised the basic requirement of the impartial administration of justice, free from external influence.

During the course of their service and irrespective of their position, judges are bound to act independently and impartially – recalled the President of the National Office for the Judiciary. Dr. György Senyei stressed the importance of the partnership between the Curia and the National Office for the Judiciary. He stated that the National Office for the Judiciary would continue to provide the conditions necessary for the undisturbed administration of justice.

Besides the Curia’s justices and invited lecturers, the Plenary Session was also attended by Prosecutor General Dr. Péter Polt and Hungarian Bar Association President Dr. János Bánáti.

Budapest, 11 January 2021

Press Secretariat of the Curia of Hungary