Study visit of Latvian, Lithuanian and Spanish supreme court delegations to the Curia of Hungary within the framework of an EU-project led by the Supreme Court of Latvia with the participation of the Curia

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22 november 2016

Supreme Courts

The Supreme Court of Latvia, the Supreme Court of Lithuania, the Supreme Court of Spain, the Curia of Hungary, the University of Antwerp and the University of Ljubljana – jointly participating in a project entitled “Supreme courts as guarantees for the effectiveness of judicial systems in the European Union”, co-funded by the European Union – held the project’s second study visit at the Curia of Hungary on 22-24 November 2016 with the participation of the three-member delegations of the Supreme Court of Latvia, the Supreme Court of Lithuania and the Supreme Court of Spain, including the Vice-President of the latter.

At the Budapest meeting, the nine foreign invitees were received by the project experts and employees of the Curia and the National Office for the Judiciary. In the morning of 23 November, the twenty-member working group heard a presentation on the Hungarian judicial system and briefly overviewed the structure, functioning and competencies of the Curia. From among the themes of the project’s questionnaire, the participants discussed, on 23 November, the topics of the role of supreme courts in the work of the national councils for the judiciary and the length of court proceedings, while they attended, on 24 November, a roundtable discussion on the educational and informational activities of supreme courts.

Budapest, the 25th of November 2016

Press Secretariat of the Curia of Hungary