Study visit of the Curia’s delegation to the European Court of Justice within the framework of an EU-project led by the Supreme Court of Latvia with the participation of the Curia


Supreme Courts

The Supreme Court of Latvia, the Supreme Court of Lithuania, the Supreme Court of Spain, the Curia of Hungary, the University of Antwerp and the University of Ljubljana – jointly participating in a project entitled “Supreme courts as guarantees for the effectiveness of judicial systems in the European Union”, co-funded by the European Union – held the project’s third study visit at the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg on 18-20 January 2017 with the participation of the Curia’s three-member delegation.

At the study visit, the Curia was represented by Mr. Árpád Orosz, Judge, Deputy Head of Department of the Civil Department of the Curia, by Ms. Csilla Heinemann, Judge at the Administrative and Labour Department of the Curia and by Mr. Loránt Vasady, Judge appointed to the General Secretariat of the Curia.

The Curia’s visiting judges attended the briefing and hearing of a Hungarian case brought before the Court, and familiarised themselves with the functioning of the Court, the procedures before the General Court and the Court, the Research and Documentation Directorate, the Registry of the Court, the Communication Directorate, the Library of the Court and the Court’s recent case-law.

Budapest, the 1st of February 2017

Press Secretariat of the Curia of Hungary