The operative part of uniformity decision no. 3/2015 BJE

1. The exclusion of the possibility of conditional release from life imprisonment is part of the constitutional order and the judicial application of such exclusion is not prohibited under any international treaty, provided that the statutory requirements are met.
Under the laws in force, the ECHR case law, the Constitutional Court’s decision and the 11 June 2015 review decision of the Curia of Hungary (no. Bfv.II.1812/2014/7), no departure from the established court practice developed on the imposition of life imprisonment without eligibility for parole  (whole life sentence) is warranted.

2. A decision prompted by a judgment of a human rights body set up under an international treaty and being in conformity with an international instrument promulgated in an Act of Parliament shall be adopted not directly under the European Convention on Human Rights (Convention) as a substantive and procedural law serving as a basis for the adjudication of the case but – based on the human rights body’s decision, by incorporating it into the Hungarian legal system – under the laws in force unaffected by the Convention violation, in review proceedings regulated in the Act on Criminal Procedure.