The operative part of uniformity decision no. 2/2021 KJE

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1. Based on section 23(1)(c)(cc) of Act No. CXXII of 2013 on Transactions in Agricultural and Forestry Land ('the Act'), as in force prior to 1 July 2020, the agricultural administrative body will refuse to approve a sale and purchase agreement – even if no acceptance has been received during the period of the publication of the contract, that is, even if no other person is entitled to pre-emption – if the legal basis of the right of pre-emption or the law on which the right of pre-emption is based cannot be determined from the buyer's declaration on his pre-emption right, or the pre-emption right is based not on the indicated Act, or not on the rank in the order of precedence as set out in the Act.

2. The Administrative Uniformity Panel of the Curia of Hungary finds that the adjudicative panel of the Curia of Hungary may, as requested, depart from decision no. Kfv.37.673/2016/4, published by the Curia of Hungary.

3. The Administrative Uniformity Panel of the Curia of Hungary will publish this decision in the Hungarian Gazette.