The operative part of uniformity decision no. 2/2015 BKMPJE

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The Uniformity Panel of the Curia of Hungary
1. hereby quashes decision no. 1/2003 KPJE, decision no. 1/2007 KPJE, decision no. 1/2008 KPJE and decision no. 2/2008 KPJE;
2. no longer upholds joint opinion no. 1/2002 (IV. 22.) PK-KK, opinion (correctly: joint) opinion no. 1/2003 (II. 17.) PK (correctly: PK-KK), point 2 of joint opinion no. 3/2005 (XI. 14.) PK-KK and points 2-3 of joint opinion no. 1/2009 (VI. 24.) PK-KK;
3. no longer upholds joint opinion no. BKT-PKT-GKT 1/1981 and joint opinion no. BKT-PKT-GKT 1/1986 as guidelines on principles.