Visit of the Slovenian Chief Justice and his delegation to the Curia of Hungary


Between 12 and 14 April 2015, Mr. Branko Maslesa, President of the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia and his delegation paid an official visit to Hungary on the invitation of dr. Péter Darák, President of the Curia.

During his visit to Budapest, the Slovenian Chief Justice held discussions with the management of the Curia and met the President and Vice-President of the Budapest High Court.

During their discussions, the Slovenian and Hungarian Chief Justices reviewed the opportunities i) for the development of the co-operation mechanisms between the supreme judicial bodies of the two countries, ii) for the exchange of good practices and iii) for the exchange of experiences related to the implementation of development projects that are being carried out at the two supreme courts.

Ms. Maja Tratnik, criminal judge at the Supreme Court of the Republic of Slovenia and member of the Slovenian judicial delegation delivered a lecture to the judges of the Criminal Department of the Curia on “Project K” that aimed at accelerating criminal proceedings and ensuring the timeliness of the adjudication of criminal cases and on the Slovenian experiences gained during the implementation of the project.

Budapest, the 21st of April 2015

Press Secretariat of the Curia of Hungary