The meeting of the Presidents of the Supreme Courts of the EU Member States in Stockholm

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6 May 2022

“Open Data and Artificial Intelligence” was the title of a conference organised by the Network of the Presidents of the Supreme Judicial Courts of the European Union in Stockholm between 5-7 May 2022. The meeting, attended by Prof. Dr. András Zs. Varga, President of the Curia of Hungary and Dr. Judit Gyarmathy, Secretary General of the Curia of Hungary, was hosted by the Supreme Court of the Kingdom of Sweden.

The work of the colloquium was structured around three main topics. One session dealt with open knowledge and the right to privacy, open justice, the work of the judiciary and respect for justice. The second session focused on open data and the working methods of supreme courts, while the third session examined the issue of respect for the rule of law.

The Hungarian delegation reported on the experience gained from the operation of the Collection of Court Decisions and the Adjudication Support System. The Hungarian court system is among the European leaders in the application of the IT environment. As regards the value of the rule of law, the President of the Curia has explained that Hungary is seeking to adopt and implement all the recommendations of the Venice Commission that can be brought into line with the country’s constitutional order, and even the Fundamental Law of Hungary has been amended for such reason. At the same time, it has to be noted that the protection of the rule of law often has a trap-like character: when the country concerned implements the recommendations of one international organisation, such implementation is frequently ignored by another international body, and the latter bases its criticisms on the initial situation.

Budapest, 9 May 2022

The Communications Department of the Curia of Hungary