Deepening the bilateral ties between the Dutch and the Hungarian supreme courts

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9 September 2019
The Netherlands
The Hague

Upon invitation from the President of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands, a three-member Curia delegation led by the President of the Curia of Hungary paid an official visit to The Hague on 8-10 September 2019 with the aim of deepening the bilateral professional ties between the supreme judicial forums of the two countries.

During their meeting, Dr. Péter Darák and his Dutch counterpart, Chief Justice Maarten Feteris discussed, among others, the possible ways of developing bilateral exchange programmes between their respective supreme judicial bodies. In addition, they informed each other about the selection and appointment of judges and justices and the relationship between the supreme judicial forum and the lower instance courts in their respective countries. They also presented the ways in which their courts deal with their position in relation to the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

Moreover, the Curia’s delegation visited the Council of State and the Ministry of Justice and Security of the Netherlands as well.

Budapest, the 11th of September 2019

Press Secretariat of the Curia of Hungary