From the Code of Civil Procedure to a separate Code of Administrative Litigation – Lecture delivered by the President of the Curia of Hungary in Regensburg

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10 October 2019

The President of the Curia delivered a lecture at an international students’ seminar in Regensburg. Upon invitation from the Institute for Eastern European Law in Munich and the University of Regensburg, Dr. Péter Darák paid a visit to the Bavarian city on 9-11 October 2019. The event was co-organised by the aforementioned two host organisations as well as their Ukrainian and Kazakh partner institutions.

In his lecture, the Hungarian Chief Justice pointed out that a well-functioning judicial control over the administration’s decisions should be essential in a state respecting the rule of law. He recalled that, until 2016, Hungarian courts had dealt with legal disputes between citizens and the administration on the basis of the Code of Civil Procedure. In 2017, Hungary saw the entry into force of the Code of Administrative Litigation. Some of the first experiences can already be drawn in respect of Europe’s latest administrative litigation code – stressed Péter Darák.

Budapest, the 15th of October 2019

Press Secretariat of the Curia of Hungary