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Conference of the chief justices of the V4 countries, Croatia and Slovenia – Péter Darák: we have to address the issues of judicial reforms in an open and sincere manner

At their meeting held in Visegrád on 17 April 2018, the chief justices of the Central European region discussed the topics of the filtering mechanisms of supreme courts and the national implementation of the European Union rules on preventing money laundering and the financing of terrorism. In addition to the so-called Visegrád countries, two South Eastern European countries were also represented at the 13th Permanent Conference of the Chief Justices of Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and Slovenia.

Dr. Péter Darák’s official visit to Australia

Upon the invitation of the Melbourne Law School and the Federal Court of Australia, from 10 to 20 March 2018 the President of the Curia of Hungary paid an official visit to Melbourne.

Péter Darák gave lectures on tax law at the Law School, the Federal Court of Australia and the Hungarian Lawyers Society.

Budapest, the 19th of March 2018

Press Secretariat of the Curia of Hungary


Establishment of contacts with the Supreme Court of the Dominican Republic

The representatives of the Curia of Hungary and the supreme judicial forum of the Dominican Republic have met for the very first time. The President of the Curia received in his office, on 13 April 2018, Mr. Francisco Antonio Ortega Polanco, Justice of the Supreme Court of the Dominican Republic. The meeting was also attended by Ms. Anita Dezső, Honorary Consul Candidate of the Dominican Republic.

Joint judicial seminar in Pannonhalma with the representatives of the Hungarian and Austrian supreme judicial forums

As part of a traditional series of joint professional meetings between the representatives of the Curia of Hungary and the Supreme Court of the Republic of Austria, a judicial seminar, organised by the Curia, was held in Pannonhalma, Hungary on 10 April 2018. The seminar’s criminal and civil law sections were attended by Hungarian and Austrian supreme court judges specialised in criminal and civil law respectively.

Enhanced judicial co-operation with the Vietnamese Supreme People’s Court

The Curia of Hungary and the Supreme People’s Court of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam concluded, on 26 March 2018 in Budapest, a Memorandum of Understanding on Judicial Co-operation on the basis of the principle of reciprocity. The co-operation aims at further strengthening the several-year-long professional relationship between the two supreme judicial forums, as well as exchanging best practices and experiences originating from the development of the two countries’ judicial and court systems.