Dr. Tálné dr. Molnár Erika

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Deputy Head of the Administrative-Labour Department

Dr.Tálné dr. MOLNÁR Erika was born in 1952, graduated from secondary school with specialisation in French and Russian languages in the town of Eger in 1970, and finished her university studies at the Faculty of Law of ELTE University in Budapest in 1975 when she was awarded a degree with “cum laude” qualification. In the early years of her professional career, she worked in the public administration, subsequently at a state-owned company and for the public prosecution services as well.

On 1st November 1989, she was appointed judge at the Labour Court of Székesfehérvár, later on she became its president. On 1st July 1998, she was appointed judge at the Labour Section of the Civil Department of the Supreme Court. In January 2009, she became head of chamber, giving her the chance to hear a great variety of labour law cases, including disputes related to social security and labour safety matters. Since 1st October 2012, she has been the Deputy Head of the Administrative-Labour Department of the Curia, heading its Labour Section.

From 3rd November 1999 to 31st May 2000, she participated in the programme entitled “The practice of European affairs”, co-organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Hungary and the ENA of France.

Since 1997, she has been an examiner of the professional exam committee. Between 1999 and 2007, she gave lectures at the Department of Labour Law at the Faculty of Law of ELTE University in Budapest.

In April 2011, she was appointed member of the Second Instance Disciplinary Tribunal. She has also been a member of the Notaries Public Disciplinary Tribunal and presides the Bailiffs Disciplinary Tribunal.

In 1997, she significantly contributed to the establishment of the Hungarian Association of Labour Law Judges. She has been acting as a Board member and Secretary of the Association which aims at promoting the professional activities of labour law judges, harmonising labour law jurisprudence, and organising specialist seminars and conferences.

She is regularly invited to specialist seminars, in particular to the annually held National Labour Law Conference. Furthermore, she has been giving lectures within the framework of further training programs provided for judges.

She has been the author or co-author of several works related to labour law issues.