Dr. Péter Darák

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President of the Curia of Hungary

President of the Curia of Hungary


1982-1987    Janus Pannonius University, Pécs, Faculty of Law
2004-2007    Doctoral program of the Faculty of Law of Janus Pannonius University


1987           Clerk at the Prosecutor's Office in Zalaegerszeg (a county town in Western Hungary)
1990           Prosecutor at the Prosecutor's Office in Zalaegerszeg
1991           Judge at the Local Court of Zalaegerszeg (hearing administrative and civil cases)
1997           Group leader at the Local Court of Zalaegerszeg (hearing administrative cases)
1999           Judge assigned temporarily to the Administrative Division of the Supreme Court of Hungary
2000           Judge at the Administrative Division of the Supreme Court of Hungary
2002           Judge assigned temporarily to the Civil Law Department of the Ministry of Justice
2003           Judge at the Administrative Division of the Supreme Court of Hungary
1 January    President of the Curia of Hungary

Membership in Professional Organizations

2001-            Member of the codification committee of the Civil Code
2002-2012    Chairman of the National Association of Administrative Judges
2003-2014    Representative of the Supreme Court of Hungary at the EU Forum of Judges for the Environment, then a member of its board
2003-2012    Chairman of the Public and Administrative Law Department of the Association of Hungarian Lawyers
2004-2012    Secretary at the Deák Ferenc Prize Board
2009-            Member of the final exam committee at the Faculty of Law of Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest and at Széchenyi István University
2009-            Member of the editorial board of New Hungarian Public Administration and Law-State-Politics

2014-2016    Chairman of FIDE (International Federation of European Law) and its Hungarian Section
2010-            Member of the International Association of Tax Judges (IATJ); Member of the Board of Directors between 2018-2019

Teaching and academic positions

1999              Training of judges organised by the Office of the National Council of Justice
2000-2004    Postgraduate e-learning teaching at the College of Finance and Accounting
2001-            Program director of the legal training of traders in real estates at the Faculty of Law of Pázmány Péter University
2005-            Assistant lecturer, then senior lecturer at the Financial Law Department of Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Faculty of Law; lecturer at the Doctoral School at ELTE; in 2010, lecturer at Széchenyi István College for Advanced Studies

Language skills

Fluent in German and English.


2009    Memorial certificate acknowledging high-quality training awarded on the occasion of the anniversary of Pázmány Péter University
2017    Grand Gold Decoration on the Ribbon for Merit to the Republic of Austria



His work as an author covers the fields of constitutional law, administrative law, administrative procedural law and administrative justice, real estate law and financial law. He is the co-author of many handbooks (The Constitution in Practice, HVG-ORAC, 2004; Being a Practising Lawyer in the European Union, HVG-ORAC, 2004; Explanation of the Act on Administrative Procedure, UNIÓ, 2005), university study books (Financial Law, Osiris Kiadó, 2007 and 2012 Editions), as well as many Hungarian and foreign collections of scientific papers (e.g. papers published following the presentations of the “Taxation in Europe” international tax conferences; Half A Millennium of Hungarian Development of Law, NKE, 2014; Hungarian Public Administration and Administrative Law, Schenk Verlag, Passau, 2014; Beschleunigung von Zivil- und Strafverfahren, Manzsche Verlag, Wien, 2014; La Fiscalitá ambientale in Europa e per l'Europa, Cacucci Editore, 2016; Thirty-Two Pages That Shook The World: The System of Value-Added Tax is Hundred Years Old, Soproni Egyetem Kiadó, 2019).


From the early 90s on, he had published a number of articles in renowned Hungarian and foreign legal periodicals and reviews, mostly in the fields of administrative law (e.g. Fragments On Competition Law, In: Magyar Jog, 1990/11; Thoughts On Fines Under Construction Law, In: Magyar Közigazgatás, 1990/11), administrative procedural law and administrative justice (e.g. On The New Rules Of Administrative Procedure, In: Ügyvédek Lapja, 2005/3), as well as financial law (e.g. Does A Price Discount Have An Effect On The Base Of The Value-Added Tax? In: Számvitel-Adó-Könyvvizsgálat, 2002/6). He continued his activity as an author after having been elected to the President of the Curia; he published numerous articles in the fields of theory of law (e.g. Social Problems – Legal Solutions, In: Volume In Honour Of Professor Tamás Lábady, Pázmány Press, 2014; Promise and Ritual, In: Volume In Honour Of Professor Ervin Belovics, OKRI, 2017), constitutional law (e.g. Terrorism and Rule of Law, In: Hungarian Yearbook of International Law and European Law 2016, Eleven International Publishing, 2017; The changing concept of property - Trends and novelties, Costs of Democracy, Gondolat, 2016), as well as administrative procedural law (e.g. Future Trends of Administrative Justice, In: Új Magyar Közigazgatás, 2015/4; Judicial Experiences – EU Procedural Law Aspects, In: Pro Publico Bono, Budapest, 2017), financial law (e.g. The Uniform Application of Tax Law in Hungary, In: Bulletin for International Taxation, 2019/8).

Please note that the above lists are incomplete; for the complete list of publications, please visit the following website: https://m2.mtmt.hu/gui2/?type=authors&mode=browse&sel=10019511.


He has been lecturer for a long time at national and foreign conferences. He delivered keynote speeches several times at the Meetings of the Association of Hungarian Jurists (2012, 2014, 2016, 2018), at county-level ‘Jurists’ Days’ of the Association and gave lectures at the conferences organized by the Hungarian Competition Office (2003, 2004), by the Association of Hungarian Administrative Judges and by universities. As an expert in tax law, he gives lectures on a regular basis at the international tax conferences called ‘Taxation in Europe”, as well as at the “Finance Days of Sopron” organized by the University of Sopron. He is a regular keynote speaker at the annual conference called ‘Legal Talks’ organized by the City of Kaposvár.

Among his foreign presentations, the lectures held at the German Judicial Academy (Wustrau, in 2001 and 2011), at the Administrative Court of Giessen, Germany (2006) and the Social Court of Dresden, Germany (2009), as well as at the University of Heidelberg (2015, 2016, 2019). In 2012, after taking his office, he gave lectures on the new Fundamental Law of Hungary in Potsdam, as well as in Munich, at the conference organized by the Bavarian Ministry of Justice. In 2013, he was a lecturer at the conference on civil and criminal procedure law in Vienna, organized by the Supreme Court of Austria. He gave lectures several times at the conferences of the International Association of Tax Judges (2014, 2019).

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