About the periodical

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In May 2016, the President of the Curia decided to launch Forum Sententiarum Curiae, an academic legal periodical that aims at presenting the ongoing research work of the jurisprudence-analysing working groups. The experience of recent years shows that these working groups have gathered a very large number of facts, data and pieces of information about the topics of their research and the legal cases examined by them, which could be of great use in providing the judiciary with more thorough and more solid guidelines of interpretation. Previous examinations have already involved the most illustrious representatives of the academia and other legal professions besides the members of the judiciary. The Curia wishes to establish Forum Sententiarum Curiae as a means of disseminating information about the jurisprudence-analysing working groups’ activities for a wider range of legal practitioners and of encouraging consultation and dialogue with the latter. The title of the quarterly periodical reflects the concept that the journal intends to set up a publicly available platform that serves as an open space for professional debates concerning the courts’ case-law.

Head of the Editorial Board: Dr. Péter Darák

Members of the Editorial Board: Dr. József Akácz, Dr. Zsuzsanna Fekete, Dr. András Kovács, Dr. Katalin Murányi

Editor: Dr. András Osztovits