Criminal law cases

Keyword(s): forgery of public documents, photocopy reproduction of an ID card
Keyword(s): termination of criminal proceedings due to the lack of lawful indictment
Keyword(s): violation of waste management regulations, illegal dumping of liquid waste
Keyword(s): criminal bankruptcy, unauthorised financial activities, capital investment fraud, violation of accounting regulations, abetment
Keyword(s): drug abuse, public nuisance, light bodily harm, probation, unlawful imposition of criminal punishment
Keyword(s): emergency situation during a mass event, fatalities and injuries caused by the professional misconduct of event organisers
Keyword(s): financial crimes, cumulative sentencing, continuous commission of crimes
Keyword(s): crime of forging public documents, registration of rented property as one's place of residence, criminal acts posing no danger to society and public order
Keyword(s): crimes of trafficking in human beings and living on earnings of prostitution, lawful indictment
Keyword(s): recognition of foreign judgement, international judicial assistance in criminal matters