Criminal law cases

Keyword(s): attempt to commit homicide, legitimate defence
Keyword(s): trafficking in human beings, sexual exploitation, prostitution
Keyword(s): violence against a member of a community on grounds of their racial, national and ethnic discrimination
Keyword(s): criminal sanctions for legal persons, legal representation of legal persons before the criminal court
Keyword(s): failure to duly summon an accused person to attend the second instance court's panel session
Keyword(s): threats to commit a terrorist act, crime of engaging in preparations to commit homicide, crime preparations
Keyword(s): qualified homicide, robbery, armed attacks on Roma families
Keyword(s): lack of lawful indictment, embezzlement
Keyword(s): interruption of the period of limitation by procedural steps aiming at taking the criminal case forward
Keyword(s): bribery, gratuity payments for free healthcare services