Civil law cases

Keyword(s): defective performance of contractual obligations, reimbursement of repair costs, liability for damage
Keyword(s): quorum requirements for the adoption of company resolutions
Keyword(s): violation of the right to reputation, provision of satisfaction, compensation for non-pecuniary losses
Keyword(s): building rental and service contract, breach of obligation to co-operate
Keyword(s): defective performance of a sales contract, warranty rights, restitutio in integrum claim
Keyword(s): judicial review of an award of the arbitration tribunal
Keyword(s): insolvency proceedings, security deposit, case-law of the European Court of Justice
Keyword(s): liability insurance scheme, accidental damages, employment-related damages, loss of income and benefit claims
Keyword(s): trademark protection, community trademark
Keyword(s): capacity to be a party in legal proceedings, financial branch of a foreign financial undertaking, EEA member states, non-EEA states