Civil law cases

Keyword(s): the liquidator's right to act as the debtor's legal representative in the event that a complaint is lodged against the liquidator
Keyword(s): challenging the presumption of paternity over a child born through assisted reproduction
Keyword(s): in-lieu-of-expropriation sales agreement in liquidation proceedings, the liquidator's liability for failing to take into account a real estate's expropriation value
Keyword(s): bank loan secured by a pledge, recovery of claims by pledge holders in liquidation proceedings
Keyword(s): legal presumption of unfairness with regard to standard contract terms
Keyword(s): right of way, property law relationship between a condominium and its co-owners
Keyword(s): legal action for the termination of enforcement proceedings
Keyword(s): unilateral alteration of contract provisions
Keyword(s): invalidity of the parties' closed-end financial lease contract
Keyword(s): duty to provide information to creditors by liquidators in liquidation proceedings