Civil law cases

Keyword(s): loan agreement, Swiss franc-denominated LIBOR interest rate, annual percentage rate
Keyword(s): single-premium extended guarantee insurance contracts, group insurance contract, registration of an insurance premium in liquidation proceedings, unjust enrichment
Keyword(s): termination of co-ownership over a condominium
Keyword(s): right to privacy, transmittal of a bill of indictment containing personal data to a third party
Keyword(s): lien contract on future claims, rental fees to be pledged prior and subsequent to the opening of liquidation proceedings
Keyword(s): re-registration of ownership rights in the land and real property registry
Keyword(s): question of jurisdiction, European order for payment, case-law of the European Court of Justice
Keyword(s): change in a judicial panel's composition between the closure of hearings and the delivery of decision, serious procedural irregularity
Keyword(s): termination of a storage contract by written notice, obligation to pay capacity fees
Keyword(s): termination of enforcement proceedings due to the debtor becoming subject to liquidation proceedings