Civil law cases

Keyword(s): certificate of enforcement, child support claim
Keyword(s): termination of enforcement proceedings, independent lien
Keyword(s): request for the disclosure of data of public interest, protection of banking and securities secrecy
Keyword(s): framework services contract, termination with immediate effect, settlement of accounts
Keyword(s): non-contentious enforcement proceedings, lawsuits for the termination or limitation of enforcement
Keyword(s): termination of contracts, withdrawal, liquidation proceedings
Keyword(s): unjustly received pension benefits, succession, unjust enrichment
Keyword(s): loan agreement, Swiss franc-denominated LIBOR interest rate, annual percentage rate
Keyword(s): single-premium extended guarantee insurance contracts, group insurance contract, registration of an insurance premium in liquidation proceedings, unjust enrichment
Keyword(s): termination of co-ownership over a condominium