Administrative and labour law cases

Keyword(s): termination of employment with immediate effect, discrimination on grounds of age, equal pay for equal work, case-law of the European Court of Justice
Keyword(s): recognition as a refugee, residence permit for the purposes of family reunification, false or falsified documents
Keyword(s): release into free circulation of goods originating from a country outside the European Union, anti-dumping customs duties, value added tax, use of an OLAF report as a piece of evidence, case-law of the European Court of Justice
Keyword(s): European Union directive on driving licences, drunk driving, road safety, ban on driving, withdrawal of driving licence
Keyword(s): actual and potential anti-competitive effect of a company's business practices
Keyword(s): prohibition of issuing driving licences for persons who are dependent on psychotropic substances
Keyword(s): secret gathering of information, tax evasion, case-law of the European Court of Justice
Keyword(s): external Community transit procedures, customs supervision, Community Customs Code
Keyword(s): integrated current assets financing agreements, integrated agricultural co-operation services, VAT Directive
Keyword(s): promulgation and putting into force of a European agreement by a domestic act of law, ministerial decree on the supplementary or derogatory rules to the domestic application of a European agreement